Do you know about what causes a head gasket to blow, if you do not know, today we will tell you some reasons for which the car engine gets hot

Be it a car of any company, there is a problem of overheating in it, due to some mistakes or there are some parts whose damage causes the engine to overheat.

We see that due to the problem of engine overheating, the head gasket explodes, due to which the entire engine has to be repaired, so we will tell you about the reasons for which the head gasket of the car is damaged.

what causes a head gasket to blow

The head gasket of any car does not burst suddenly when the engine is completely overheated, after that the head gasket bursts, you will be told about the same big reason below.


(1) . low coolant level

The biggest reason for head gasket bursting is low coolant level, if the amount of coolant in the radiator is less, then the risk of head gasket bursting is highest, in this case the head gasket bursts quickly.

Because the engine remains cool with coolant and thermostate valve, temperature sensor, water body work with coolant, if there is no coolant, the engine keeps heating up and when the temperature is high, the head gasket bursts, so check the coolant level

(2) . leak coolant

Another reason for head gasket burst is leak coolant, if any coolant pipe bursts or leaks, then the amount of coolant starts decreasing and gas does not form in the pipe, the engine starts overheating, before that you get a warning light in the dashboard. can be seen

If you keep driving the car like this, then the engine gets so much overheating that the head gasket bursts and the car stops, it is seen that the engine also gets seized.

(3) . radiator blower fan not working

You are driving a car and suddenly the engine temperature warning light turns on in the dashboard and if you drive the car in this way and when you get the car checked by a mechanic, it tells that the head gasket has burst and its the reason is fan not working

Most of the car’s head gasket burst is due to non-functioning of the radiator fan because this fan works to cool the engine and there are many reasons for the shutdown of this fan, so if the warning light appears then stop the car. Give

(4) . bad water pump

The water pump works to supply the coolant, which reaches the coolant everywhere and the engine is not overheating, but one of the reasons for the head gasket burst is a bad water pump.

In some cars, we have seen that the water pump leaks or breaks due to which the supply of coolant stops and engine overheating and there is a high risk of head gasket burst.

(6) . bad thermostat valve

bad thermostate valve causes head gasket burst because it opens when coolant gets hot then radiator fan runs when thermostate valve gets chocked then supply of coolant stops as well as fan doesn’t turn on which causes head gasket burst have a higher risk of

These are all the reasons due to which the risk of head gasket burst is highest and head gasket also bursts, so take care of all the things.

How to diagnose bad head gasket

It has been seen that when the head gasket of a car explodes, it becomes difficult to know whether the problem is in the head gasket itself or some other part is damaged.

But you do not need to get confused, you can use gauge to check the pressure of head gasket valve piston.

If you have a petrol car, then by opening the plug and applying that gauge, you can check the pressure on the top of the piston by applying self in the car, similarly, you can check the pressure by opening the injector in diesel.

According to the ratio of this gauge, you will know whether the problem is in the engine or in some other outside part, so this is the best way, along with this, you can find out by some signs that the head gasket is bad or not like

(1) . coolant back out of the radiator

(2) . car not starting

(3) . hard starting problem

(4) . engine sound will change

(5) . pickup will end

(6) . The warning light will turn on again and again

(7) . Engine will smell of burning

(8) . engine will overheat


Hope you have come to know about what causes a head gasket to blow and now you will not have any problem related to it, if you have any problem then you can comment, we will advise you and solve your problem. will try

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Know the answers to some questions

Q . How long after engine overheating does the head gasket blow?

ans . If the head gasket of your car explodes and you keep driving the car, then the head gasket may explode within 20 minutes.

Q . What happens if you drive a car after a head gasket burst?

ans . If you keep driving the car after the head gasket bursts, then the engine gets seized.

Q . What is the first reason for head gasket burst?

ans . The first reason for head gasket burst is low coolant.

Q . Can the head gasket explode using water?

ans . The head gasket does not explode by using water instead of coolant, but still you should use coolant only.