Today we will tell you some of the main reasons why my car overheats, which you can easily find out the problem and save the car from overheating.

The problem of car overheat is common but very dangerous, this problem can repair the entire engine and there are many different reasons for this problem.

When suddenly we leave without checking the car and the car overheats in the middle of the way, at that time we do not understand anything, so today we will tell you about the top reason for why is my car overheating.

reasons why my car overheats

Know about the common causes of overheating car, which will be seen in detail below


(1) . low coolant

The first reason for car overheat is to have low coolant, mostly the car overheats due to low coolant, due to which the engine opens up.

In summer, the amount of coolant in the radiator decreases and we keep driving the car and the car overheats, so check the coolant level before leaving.

(2) . leak pipe and coolant

The second reason for car overheat is the leakage of coolant, if the coolant leaks from any part, then the car starts to overheat.

And the biggest problem is in the pipe of the coolant installed in the engine of the car, this pipe gets damaged and bursts or leaks, due to which the coolant leaks and the car overheats.

(3) . radiator fan not working

The biggest reason for the problem of car overheat is the non-running of the radiator fan. To keep the temperature of the engine correct, the radiator fan has been installed and the radiator fan runs automatically as soon as the coolant in the engine heats up.

When we start the car, the coolant stored in the engine heats up and when the coolant exceeds the set temperature, the thermostat opens and the coolant goes to the radiator.

The coolant temperature sensor near the thermostat valve sends a signal to the ecm and tells that the coolant has heated up and the ecm turns on the radiator fan, but if the radiator fan does not run, the engine will overheat, there are many reasons for the radiator fan not running. As

(1) . due to fuse failure

(2) . due to temperature sensor failure

(3). due to fan motor failure

(4) . due to bad fan wiring

(5). due to coolant bottle and cap leak

(4) . radiator chock problem

The fourth reason for car overheat is radiator chalk. Many people pour water in the radiator during every service or never clean the radiator.

Due to which the radiator gets rusted and dust starts accumulating, due to which all the lines of the radiator get choked and the supply of coolant stops, which causes the car to overheat, so the radiator must be cleaned.

(5) . bad thermostat

A bad thermostat can overheat any car engine and 60% of cars overheat due to a bad thermostat.

When the engine coolant overheats and the thermostat valve does not open due to damage, the coolant supply is cut off and the coolant overheats.

Due to this the tempeture sensor is also not able to send any signal to the ecm which also does not turn on the radiator fan due to which the engine starts overheating so check the thermostat valve

(6) . coolant tempeture sensor not working

One reason for car overheat is coolant temperature sensor not working, when this sensor is bad then ecm stops getting signal.

At that time the coolant stored in the engine gets heated up, the thermostat valve also opens but due to faulty coolant tempeture sensor, it does not inform the ecm that the coolant is hot, the fan does not run and the engine heats up.

(7) . leak radiator cap

When the cap of the radiator in the engine of your car leaks, a little coolant starts coming out of it, then the gas also leaks from the radiator and coolant pipe.

Due to which the coolant stored in the engine keeps heating up but the radiator fan does not work due to which the engine starts heating up.

(8) . coolant bottle leak

The car starts overheating even when the coolant bottle leaks because when the coolant bottle leaks, gas does not form inside it, due to which no pressure is generated.

During that time, the coolant in your car’s engine will continue to heat up, but due to leaking coolant bottle, gas is not produced and the radiator fan does not run, which causes the car to overheat.

(9) . water pump not working

The water pump is very important to keep the engine cool because it maintains the supply of coolant. When the water pump rotates with the help of the fan belt, the coolant circulates in the engine.

But we have seen that the water pump breaks from the inside, due to which the belt part rotates, but the water pump does not supply coolant from inside, which causes the car to overheat.

(10) . broken engine fan belt

The engine fan belt also has a hand in car overheat because the fan belt in the engine works to rotate the water pump, which keeps the supply of coolant going.

When the engine fan belt breaks, the water pump stops rotating, due to which the supply of coolant stops and the car starts overheating, so get the engine fan belt checked at every service.

(11) . bad heater coil

Due to the accumulation of dust in the heater coil, the car starts overheating because the supply of coolant goes through the engine to the heater coil and comes back from there.

But when the heater coil gets chocked, dust accumulates in it, then the car starts overheating because the supply of coolant stops, so definitely check the heater coil.

(12) . low engine oil level

This reason for car overheat is different from other reasons because it is related to engine oil, some people do not change the engine oil on time or do not get the engine oil of a good company.

Due to which the amount of oil in the engine decreases and all the parts fitted in the engine start wearing out and the car starts overheating, so get the service done on time.

Car overheats due to all these 12 reasons and we see all these problems everyday, so you can check all these reasons.


Hope that you have got complete information about the reasons why my car overheats and now you will not have any other problem related to it. If you have any problem then comment we will help you

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Know the answers to some questions

Q . What can be done to prevent the engine from overheat?

ans . Get the car serviced on time and use only the best coolant in the radiator, which does not cause rust in the engine and radiator.

Q . What is the biggest reason for car overheat?

ans . When the coolant leaks and the radiator fan does not run, both of these reasons cause the car to overheat.