why is my power steering not working This question is asked everyday because every car has the problem of power steering shutting down at some point or the other.

Electric power steering is now used in all cars. The power steering is operated by the current of the battery.

Mainly 2 power steering are used in the car, first oil power steering second electric power steering and there is a lot of difference between these two.

Oil powered power steering works when the engine rotates and electric power steering works with current from the battery.

But it has been seen that both become hard due to problem in power steering, which becomes difficult to rotate, so today we will tell you about the reason power steering not working.

why is my power steering not working problem

There are many different reasons for the shutdown of power steering, you will get to see all those reasons in detail.


(1) . oil power steering hard reason

(1) . damage engine fan belt

If your car has oil powered power steering and it has become hard and is not working, then the biggest reason for this is that the engine fan belt is broken.

The power steering rotates with the help of the fan belt. When the engine rotates, the fan belt attached to the crankshaft rotates and the power steering moves. As soon as the fan belt breaks, the power steering becomes hard.

(2) . low power steering oil

Steering becomes hard due to low power steering oil, power steering needs oil to run and this oil is in a bottle.

If for some reason the steering bottle or pipe leaks, then the power steering becomes hard and due to which the steering gets damaged in some cars.

(3) . bad power steering pump

To keep the oiled power steering soft, a pump is installed which, when the engine rotates, delivers the oil to all parts of the steering, which keeps the power steering soft.

But many times the power steering pump gets damaged, its valve gets damaged and it is unable to make pressure, the steering does not get the right oil and the power steering becomes hard.

(4) . low tyre preassure

One reason for power steering being hard is the lack of preassure in the tyre, even if the air in your car’s tire is low, the power steering becomes hard, so first check the preassure in all the tyres.

(5) . bad steering assembly

If all the things are found correct, still the power steering is getting hard, then there is only one reason for that, the steering assembly of your car is damaged and you will have to replace the entire power steering assembly.

(2) . electric power steering hard reason

(1) . bad power steering fuse

If your car has electric power steering and it has become hard, then the first reason for this is fuse failure because the supply to the electric power steering motor goes through the fuse.

When the fuse gets damaged due to the supply of excess current, the motor does not work and the electric power steering becomes hard, so check the fuse.

(2) . bad battery

Electric power steering of your car can also become hard due to battery down hone and we have seen this problem many times in the car.

When the battery goes down, the electric power steering module and motor do not get full current, which makes the electric power steering hard.

(3) . bad power steering motor

The motor has a big role in the correct working of the power steering because the motor is engaged in the steering and the supply comes through fuse and module.

But it has been seen that this power steering motor gets shot and stops working, which makes the power steering very hard, in which case the motor is replaced.

(4) . bad steering module

When the steering is hard, the worst module is found, in most of the cars, there is only a problem with the module, this module is located below the steering.

When we turn the steering to the right, this module sends supply to the motor and rotates the right side and the steering is soft, but when this module is damaged, the signal breaks and the steering becomes hard.

(5) . bad steering assembly

If you have checked everything and still the steering is hard then it is possible that the steering assembly of your car is completely damaged.

Due to this problem also the power steering becomes hard, if this happens then you will have to change the entire steering only then the problem will be fixed.

(6) . low tyre preassure

As we mentioned above, even if there is less air in the tyre, the power steering will be hard, it will not work properly, then whether the steering is electric or oil, so check the air in the tyre.

(7) . bad power steering wiring

The biggest reason for power steering being hard is wiring, which plays a major role in supplying current, even if the steering wiring is cut for some reason, power steering becomes hard.


Hope you have come to know about why is my power steering not working problem and all the reasons have been known, which you can check the problem, if you have any problem, then comment, we will help you.

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Know the answers to some questions

Q . What is the first thing to do when the power steering is off?

ans . Whenever the power steering stops working, check the fuse in electric steering and check the fan belt and oil in simple steering.

Q . Why does the power steering motor go bad?

ans . When the steering assembly gets damaged and we keep using the power steering, then too much load starts on the motor or when there is a short circuit, the motor gets damaged.

Q . Where is the power steering module located?

ans . The power steering module is placed just below the steering and the steering motor is placed at the same place. In some cars, the motor is placed outside with the steering.

Q . Can a bigger number fuse be used in the power steering?

ans . You should never use a large number of fuses in the power steering fuse, when there is a short circuit, the fuse will not be damaged and the supply will be sent forward, which will cause the module and motor to get damaged suddenly.