Is p0102 fault code generated in your car too, for which you are very worried and you are not able to use your car properly, then do not worry.

Today we will tell you about p0102 code mass airflow sensor mazda 3 and share with you everything that can be done to fix this code

Whenever p0102 code comes in a car, the question comes in the person’s mind that what should we check, what is this code, why it comes, how can we clear it?

Looking at all these problems of yours, today we will tell you about the p0102 code in such a way that you can easily fix this fault code, let’s know.

what is p0102 fault code mass airflow sensor mazda 3

The p0102 code means that the air mass flow sensor installed in the engine of your car is not working and the reason can be anything.

Where does the p0102 code go to the warning code, after it is generated, we have to fix the problem related to this code soon.

When we are driving the car and suddenly the check engine light turns on in the dashboard of the car, after that we get the car scanned and we get to see p0102 fault code mass airflow sensor mazda 3

meaning of p0102 code

The p0102 code is related to the air mass sensor installed in the engine, this sensor is installed in the air filter, and this sensor has 5 wires that send the signal.

The air mass sensor is attached to the throttle body on one side and the air filter on the other side, and a problem with this sensor will generate the p0102 code.

The engine needs fuel and air to start and the company has fixed the amount of fuel and air that goes into the engine, meaning if 1 gram of fuel goes into the engine, 2 grams of air will go.

Air mass sensor has been installed to check the amount of air, now suppose that the air filter becomes very dirty or the air starts going into the engine in excess of the air filter.

Or the air mass sensor gets damaged, then at that time the ecm will supply 1 gram of fuel to the engine, but due to the air filter problem, 5 grams of air will go into the engine.

Due to which the fuel will not be able to burn in the engine and it will come out from the exhaust in the form of smoke. The oxygen sensor installed in the exhaust will detect during the examination of that smoke that too much air is going into the engine.

And the oxygen sensor sends this information to the ecm by signal and the ecm comes to know that the air is going more in the engine and the air mass sensor is not working.

So the ecm turns on the check engine light in the dashboard during this information, which prompts us to scan the car and the p0102 code appears when the car is scanned.

what causes of p0102 code

There are several main reasons for the p0102 code to occur in your car, which can be easily traced.

(1) . faulty air mass sensor

The biggest reason for the p0102 code to come is the air mass sensor itself. If the air mass sensor is bad, it will not be able to send any signal to the ecm, due to which the ecm does not get the information about the air going into the engine and the p0102 code. produces such replace the air maas sensor

(2) . air mass sensor dirty

Another major reason for the p0102 code to occur in your car is a dirty air mass sensor, sometimes the air mass sensor gets too much dust that causes it to malfunction, and the p0102 code also occurs during that time. In this case it is necessary to clean the sensor.

(3). sensor wire break

The third major reason which is seen the most is that the air mass sensor wire is cut or broken from somewhere, we have seen in many cars that the wire breaks near the ecm and near the sensor, which is called ecm and air mass sensor signal is broken and p0102 code is generated

(4) . due to connector failur

A major reason for the p0102 code is the connector of the air mass sensor, this connector is in the wiring and is attached to the sensor, but many times it burns and becomes weak, due to which it does not fit properly in the sensor and the sensor doesn’t work

(5). due to intake air leak

After checking all the things the biggest reason for p0102 code is intake air leak which causes timing we have seen that the pipe which connects from air mass sensor to engine bursts which causes engine direct air goes in and p0102 code is generated

If your car has the problem of p0102 code, then the reasons mentioned above can be there, checking all these reasons can fix the problem.

symptoms of p0102 code

When the p0102 code is generated in your car, then according to the sensor associated with that code, different symptoms start appearing in the car, which are as follows

(1) . check engine light on

When there is a problem with the air mass sensor in your car, or when the engine starts getting too much air, then the p0102 code is generated. At that time, the first symptom that appears is the check engine light, which is a warning light. is the prompt to scan the car

(2) . mileage drops

After the p0102 code is generated, the second symptom is related to mileage, when the amount of air in the engine does not go right, the air mass sensor does not work, then the fuel does not burn in the engine, which directly affects the mileage of the car, the mileage becomes very low. Is

(3). pickup goes down

The problem of pickup down is most commonly seen after the p0102 code, the engine needs the right fuel and air to function properly, and after the p0102 code, the air goes more, which does not cause the combustion in the engine to be correct. Due to which the problem of pickup down appears

(4) . black smoke coming out of the exhaust

During p0102 code, black smoke comes out of your car’s exhaust whenever you start the car and press the accelerator pedal, you will see black smoke coming out of the exhaust, because when the air and fuel do not burn properly, then it exhausts in the form of smoke. emerges from

(5). hard starting

You can also see the problem of hard starting during the p0102 fault code, whenever you go to start the car, you have to apply a lot of self and after a very long self, the car starts, this symptom is most commonly seen in many cars. I noticed that the car does not start

(6) . rough idle problem

After the generation of p0102 code you may get rough idle problem in your car and the main cause of this can be air mass sensor due to improper mixture of air and fuel ac problem occurs and generate p0102 code

(7) . change engine sound

After the p0102 code, you can see the difference in the engine sound of your car, the sound of the engine becomes a bit heavy, the sound comes more from the exhaust, when the car is on the accelerator, it seems as if something is stuck in the exhaust.

If your car also has the problem of p0102 fault code mass airflow sensor mazda 3 then the above mentioned symptoms will appear

how to fix p0102 code

(1) . clean the sensor (2) . check the wire and connector (3). check intake air leak (4) . Check by replacing the air mass sensor

you can easily fix p0102 code without any problem suppose you have hyundai verna car and in that suddenly check engine light on

And you get the car scanned according to that signal and you get the p0102 mass or volume air flow a circuit low code, what will you do at that time?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that this is a code of air mass flow sensor and you have to check things related to this, do not bring other sensors to mind.

Now p0102 code is known how to work above this code first you have to check air mass sensor from outside if wire is not broken or connector is not out

After that you have to open the air mass sensor and clean it by applying sensor spray and check if the fault code goes or not, if the code gets cleared then the problem is fixed, if not

So you have to check all the wires attached to the air mass sensor, check its supply, the wire is not broken or there is no problem with the supply, when everything is checked and everything is fine, then what to do?

In that time, you have to check that there is no intake air leak from anywhere, if the air filter pipe is torn from somewhere and air enters the engine in excess, then p0102 code will be generated, so remove that leak.

If you have checked everything and the problem is the same, then you can check by changing the air mass sensor, for that you can also use the sensor of any other car.

what mistake do you make to fix p0102 code

To fix the p0102 code, many mechanics act without thinking, due to which they make mistakes and waste time.

The biggest mistake most mechanics make when trying to fix a p0102 code is to replace the air mass sensor and think that will fix the problem.

But it is not like this, do not change the sensor immediately when p0102 code comes, this is your biggest mistake, check its wire connector, check intake air leak

Then come to a conclusion, if after checking everything, you feel that the sensor has gone bad, then you can replace it, but do not make the mistake of changing it suddenly.

when is p0102 code serious

We have seen many people who keep on driving the car even after getting the p0102 code but do you know that p0102 code also creates big problems for your car.

When the p0102 code is generated in your car, along with it there is a problem of hard starting, smoke, mileage down, rough idle, pickup down.

So this code becomes serious for you and in this case you should get the car checked immediately so that the problem in your car does not increase further.


Hope you have come to know about p0102 fault code mass airflow sensor mazda 3 and now you will not have any problem related to it, you can fix this code by understanding it carefully, if you still have any problem then comment we will help you

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Know the answers to some questions

Q . Is the p0102 code seen in all cars?

ans . p0102 code is not seen in all cars but this problem is seen in all cars just the code of air mass sensor changes according to the company.

Q . What is the most common problem after the p0102 code occurs?

ans . After the p0102 code comes, the biggest problem is related to the mileage, the mileage decreases.

Q . Why does the p0102 code come on?

ans . When for some reason the air mass sensor goes bad or too much air gets into the engine, the ecm detects with the help of the oxygen sensor that the air mass sensor is not working and generates the p0102 code associated with it in the dashboard.

Q . Can I clean the air mass sensor on every service?

ans . You can clean the air mass sensor on every service, for this you can use sensor cleaner spray.

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