Today we will give you complete information about the symptoms of bad crank sensor, which you can find out the problem by checking all the symptoms.

There are many problems related to starting in the car and it becomes difficult to find out those problems if we do not have the right information, we have a vw car some time ago.

The owner of that car said that there is a problem in starting and he also told other problems, after listening to which we understood carefully that we found that there is a problem in his crank sensor.

Because the symptoms that the owner of the car tells us, all the symptoms appear after the problem in the crank sensor, so today we will give you information about all the symptoms related to the crank sensor, which can be detected whether the crankshaft position sensor is good or bad.

symptoms of bad crank sensor bs4 and bs6 car


9 Signs of a Failing Crank Sensor bs4 and bs6 diesel petrol car

(1) . check engine light is on

When there is a problem with the crank sensor of your car, first of all the check engine warning light of yellow color turns on in the dashboard meter of the car.

This light gives us a signal to scan the car, which we find out the problem, after scanning the car, the code related to the crank sensor comes, so pay attention to the check engine light.

(2) . pickup low problem

When the crank sensor is about to go bad, at that time the pickup of the car becomes low, you get to see a lot of difference in the speed of the car.

Because due to bad crank sensor, it reduces sending signal to ecm, which ecm does not supply the right amount of fuel, due to engine not getting the right fuel, the cylinders do not work properly and the pickup becomes low.

(3) . hard starting problem

The biggest symptom after a problem with the crank sensor is hard starting, the car does not start, the car starts after cranking too much.

Because when the crank sensor is bad, it does not give the correct information about the position of the piston to the ecm, which ecm does not know which cylinder’s piston is on top, and the ecm sprays fuel on its own, which is in the cylinder at the right time. Fuel is not firing and car has hard starting problem

(4) . mileage become very low

One of the reasons for the low mileage of the car can be the crank sensor because we have seen that dust accumulates on the crank sensor, which causes a difference in the distance between the crank sensor and the crankshaft.

When this happens, the problem of missing occurs in the car because the signal to the ecm is very less, at that time the ecm supplies more fuel to stop the missing of the car, which reduces the mileage.

(5). car shuts off while driving

When the crank sensor is bad, one more symptom is seen in the car, that is, the car stops moving, some time ago we had seen a similar problem, the car used to stop after running 5 or 7 kilometers, its crank sensor was bad. Was

Because when the crank sensor stops working then the ecm does not know the position of any piston and also does not supply fuel which used to stop the car.

(6) . rpm does not work when starting the car

This symptom is the main thing, it must be checked when the crank sensor is completely damaged, then the rpm in the dashboard of the car does not work at all.

For this, you put the car on self and check the rpm in the dashboard, whether it is working or not, if there is no movement in rpm, then understand that the crank sensor is bad.

(7) . engine vibrating problem

You can see the problem of engine vibration if the crank sensor of your car is bad, the crank sensor detects the position of the piston in the cylinder, but when it is bad, it cannot be known which cylinder’s piston is on top. and which cylinder’s piston is down

At that time the ecm does not supply the right amount of fuel to the cylinder, due to which there is a problem of vibration in the engine, it is missing.

(8) . exhaust smoke problem

After a problem with the crank sensor, you may see the problem of smoke coming out of the exhaust of your car because due to not burning the right fuel in the cylinder, the fuel and air comes out in the form of smoke when you press the accelerator pedal suddenly. so more smoke comes out

(9) . rough idleing problem

You may find the problem of rough idling in your car, whenever you start the car, the accelerator becomes less and less, the rpm does not stay in one place.

You must have come to know about Bad crankshaft position sensor no code above and now you will check all the symptoms

how to fix crankshaft position sensor problem

You can easily check bad crank sensor which is as follows

(1) . clean bad crank sensor

(2) . check crank sensor wire and connector

(3) . check crankshaft teeth in engine

(4) . change crank sensor

(5) . check ecm problem


Hope you have got complete information about top 9 symptoms of bad crank sensor and now you will not have any other problem related to it. If you have any other problem related to crankshaft position sensor, then comment below, we will help you.

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Know the answers to some questions

Q . Can a car be started without a crankshaft position sensor?

ans . Without the crankshaft position sensor the car cannot be started because the crankshaft position sensor itself sends the piston position signal to the ecm.

Q . Why does the crankshaft position sensor go bad?

ans . The crankshaft position sensor gets damaged due to excessive heat.