road safety rules of india 2021

road safety rules of India , Today we will tell you about the safety rules, Everyone has a bike and a car, but many people do not know about the safety rules. Causing an accident That’s why you need to know the safety rules , Know safety rules.

road safety rules of india 2021

road safety rules of India 2021

protect yourself


long sleeves and full length trousers are desirable . bright colors increases rider s visibility in the traffic and minimizes the possibilities accidents .


always use sturdy shoes with heels and non slip soles for protection against foot and ankle injury .


protect yourself from severe head injuries by wearing full-face isi mark helmet which is bright colored and appropriate in size . the helmet strap should be tightened properly .

face shield

saves face from object like stones , insects or debris that can cause disturbance while riding .

even riding posture matters

road safety rules of india


looking forward to cover a wide range of information .


grasping center of grip from where you can easily operate levers and switches .


slightly squeezing the fuel tank between your thighs . on a scooter the knees should be straight and facing forward .




arms slightly bent and relaxed .


sitting in a position from where you can easily operate the handle bar and brakes .


place arch of shoes on foot rest , toes facing forward . the toes resting lightly on the brake and gear pedal .

pre- riding tips


road safety rules of india

always carry your license, registration certificates , insurance ,and pollution certificate .

look around for safety

always check behind for safety before moving of and do not forget to remove side stand .

drinking and riding

alcohol reduces reflexes and impairs judgement . it takes less than you might think to become rider .

switch off the mobile phone

talking on mobile phone while riding increase the risk of accident by 400 % .

daily inspection

road safety rules of india

clutch lever

check free play for easy gear shifting .

head light and horn

check low/high beem and horn from proper functioning .

rim and spokes

check for rim bends , shimmy travel by spinning wheel and check loose spokes (in case of spoke wheel ) .


check for air pressure , stones/nails in tread and external damage .

engine oil

check every day in cold condition with motorcycle in vertical position (by just inserting dipstick into hole not screwing) and replenish if required .

rear brake

check pedal play

drive chain

it tight – increased resistance ,mechanical loss and low average . if loose -make noise ,can come aff and may cause tyre to lock as if sudden brakes been applied .

break light and turn signals

for giving signals to others that you are braking or changing lane .

fuel tank

check fuel quantity and cap securely tightened .

front break lever

check free play

rear view mirror

adjust properly to see the traffic behind .

the safe way to ride away

always keep safe distance

always keep at least 2 seconds gap between yourself and the vehicle ahead . consider using a 3-4 second following distance in difficult riding conditions like fog ,rain and night .

check your speed

breaking distance as compared to at 30km/h and 9 times at 90 km/h .

safety riding tips

double riding sitting

pillion rider should always sit across with a leg on each side as sideways sitting can cause disbalance . pillion rider should sit holding the riders waist securely and gripping the riders hips sufficiently with knees .

avoid riding in zero visibility zone

as in this position other drivers can not see you in their rear view mirrors .

overtaking (right manner)

always overtake from right hand side using rear view mirrors and indicators . do not forget to look behind over your shoulder before changing lane .

right use of headlight beams

road safety rules of india

high beam

use it on highway and dip to low beam while following a vehicles .

low beam

use it in city condition , fog and pain .

overtaking (wrong manner )

don’t overtake on turns , on crossings when you can’t see in front properly , when you are in doubt and when someone is overtaking you .

use brake properly

use both brakes together , front brake a bit stronger with all four fingers with vehicle in straight position for good balance and shorter stopping distance .

turn at safe speed

drive slowly through turns to avoid skidding . don’t apply brakes while turning especially front brake .

danger prediction

always look for hidden dangers  and act accordingly anticipation is the key for your safety .



मेरा नाम सद्दाम हुसैन है मैं एक ऑटोमोबाइल इंजीनियरिंग हु मैं कार और बाइक दोनों का काम करता हु मेरी OK मोटर के नाम से वर्कशॉप है जो यमुनानगर जिले के छछरौली रोड पर है जो आपको मैं बताऊंगा वो सिर्फ एक मैकेनिक ही बता सकता है हमारा उद्देश्य है आपको ऑटोमोबाइल के बारे में सही जानकारी देना जिसे आपके पेसे भी बचे और आपको अच्छी जानकारी मिले |

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