Do you know about the symptoms of bad battery vs bad alternator if not, today we will give you complete information about what are the symptoms of bad battery.

It is mostly seen that whenever the battery of the car is bad then many symptoms appear but they are ignored and all other parts are checked.

It has been seen that we are confused about the battery and the self, because in some cars, after installing the self, the car starts with a lot of load, at that time it seems as if the self is bad, but the problem is in the battery.

So today we will tell you about the signs of a bad car battery, which you can easily find out whether the battery is bad or the problem is something else.

symptoms of bad battery vs bad alternator

You can see different weak car battery symptoms, which have been explained in detail.

(1) . on battery warning light

The first sign of bad battery is seen in the dashboard as a warning light whenever the battery is bad or the alternator is bad or the fan belt is broken.

So at that time the battery warning light turns on in the dashboard meter, which we know that there is a problem with the battery or alternator, pay attention to the battery light.

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(2) . self sound problem

Whenever your car battery is dead or about to happen then your car self does not take very less self takes sound comes from self

The engine does not rotate completely when self applied, it seems as if the engine is taking too much load, in this case, if you start the car with another battery, then the car starts immediately, this is the main battery problem.

(3) . hard starting problem

To start the engine, a battery with the right voltage is required, so when the battery of your car is damaged, the power of the battery decreases, due to which the self works very smoothly.

Engine does not turn properly and car starts very late which causes hard starting problem injector stops getting correct voltage due to bad battery so check battery

(4) . headlight off problem

Whenever you run the car in a bad battery, then you should pay attention to one thing that the headlight of your car starts burning very little or stops.

Because the battery of the car is already bad and as soon as we turn on the light music system, the battery becomes more weak, which turns off the headlight or starts burning less.

(5) . electric power steering not working

For the electric power steering of any car to work, the right voltage of the battery is required, only then the steering works because the steering motor works with the right current of the battery.

But due to a bad battery, the engine starts but the power steering module and motor do not supply current, due to which the steering does not work and becomes hard.

(6) . drop pickup

A bad battery can reduce the pickup of your car because the ecm sends voltage from the battery to the egr valve and injectors which are supposed to supply fuel and pickup

But when the battery is bad or the voltage in it is low, then the ecm is not able to send the voltage of the battery to the egr and injector properly, due to which the pickup is reduced.

(7) . injector sound problem

When the battery gets too low and the alternator stops working, the battery is not charged, during which time the car runs as long as the current in the battery

Due to the low voltage in the battery, the complete supply is not able to reach the injectors, due to which the injectors start making a lot of noise, this is due to the low voltage.

(8) . automatic transmission not working

Now automatic transmission is coming in all the company’s cars and this automatic transmission works with the voltage received from the battery, only then the gear works.

But if the battery of a car with automatic transmission gets damaged or gets too low, then the automatic transmission stops working.

(9) . battery water leak

If the battery of your car gets damaged from somewhere, then the battery water starts leaking from that damaged place and this is one of the main reasons for the bad battery.

It has been seen that one or two cells of the battery start boiling, in such a situation, if the car is parked for some time, then the car stops charging itself.

(10) . power window not working

When the alternator is bad or its belt is broken, then the battery stops charging, at that time when the car is running, the battery is not able to give voltage to all the sensors and motors.

Only the car starts, at that time the power windows of the car stop working, the window switch of any door does not work.

(11) . car not start

The main symptom of a bad battery is that the car does not start. Whenever the battery is bad, it is not able to start the car because the cells of the battery get damaged.

At that time we think that the self is bad but the problem is in the battery, when the self is put on, the engine rotates with a lot of load, the car does not start.

(12) . smoke problem

Do you know that due to bad battery and bad alternator, there can be smoke problem in your car and this problem is more in diesel car.

When the car is run in a bad battery and the battery is not even charged, then at that time the injector gets very little supply, due to which the injector makes a lot of noise.

If there is a problem with your car’s battery, then you will definitely see the 12 symptoms mentioned above, so keep all these things in mind.


We hope that you have got complete information about the symptoms of bad battery vs bad alternator and now you will not have problems related to it, keep in mind that whenever the car does not take the self right or the engine does not rotate properly after applying the self. So do not open the self at once, first check the battery, if you have any problem then you can comment, we will help you.

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Know the answers to some questions

Q . Does the battery charge when the fan belt breaks?

ans . When the fan belt breaks, the battery stops charging because the fan belt itself rotates the alternator, so check the fan belt at every service.

Q . How many kilometers can a car run if the alternator fails?

ans . When the alternator of your car gets damaged, the car runs as much as the current in the battery, if we talk then it runs for 10 to 15 kilometers if the battery charge is good.

Q . Can a bad battery cause problems with the self?

ans . If you put the self again and again in the bad battery, then in some cases there is a problem with the self.

Q . What is the main reason for battery failure?

ans . The main reason for battery failure is the lack of battery water, due to which the battery cells get damaged.

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